High-Efficiency Front Load Washers   &   Super Capacity Washers


Large Capacity   &   Super Capacity Tumble Dryers


Coin Operated   •   Large Selection of Laundry Products & Supplies


 Open May - October            2022 Hours


April 29 - May 19


7 Days:   9am-5pm


May 20 - June 23


Mon - Thurs: 9am-5pm

Friday:         9am-8pm

Saturday:      8am-8pm

Sunday:        8am-5pm

Sunday, May 22  8am-8pm


June 24 – Sept 4


7 Days / Week     8am-10pm


Sept 5 - Oct 9


Mon - Thurs: 9am-5pm 

Friday:         9am-8pm

Saturday:      8am-8pm

Sunday:        8am-5pm

Sunday, Oct 9   8am-8pm


Oct 10 - 31


7 Days / Week     9am-5pm 


Last wash is two (2) hours before posted closing time.

The laundromat will be locked promptly at closing. Any items left in machines will not be touched, and may be retrieved at opening time the following day.


Laundromat Courtesy

Please be considerate of all customers and share the machines during peak periods.

Prompt attention to completed cycles during peak periods is essential. Customers may take it upon themselves to remove laundry items from a machine if the cycle is complete.

Management accepts no responsibility for the actions of individual customers. Common courtesy is expected.